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There are things that a collector always wants to "complete the collection," and I'm no exception to this basic rule.  Here are some items that I'm still looking for that if I find it, and the price won't break the bank, then it will be mine. This is a Zenith Royal Transistor radio, model 150.  Had the box, the brochure, the cover, the works.  Now disappeared out of my life.





I used to have one these, a gift from my father.  Don't know what happened to it, but would love to replace it for the good memories.



Mantel Clock


Would love to have an antique mantel clock such as this one.  So far, all of them will break the bank.  I'm still looking.  It is cheaper by far to buy one in need of restoration.  Perhaps that is the way to go.

Update: Just bought an antique Sessions mantel clock, not quite as fancy as this one, but the price was right. Check out my new antiques page.


Art Deco Clock


If it's Art Deco, I love it.  One of these days my house will be filled with these kinds of items.


Blue Willow China

Also LOVE the Blue Willow China.  Have yet to find any of these in thrift stores.  I have found a few small decorative plates (for display only) that are too modern to be valuable (Made in China), but I do pick these up as they come along because something is better than nothing - until the real thing comes along.  I can always take it to the thrift store as a donation when replaced so someone else can enjoy it for awhile.  Some can also be given as gifts.  As long as the person receiving understands and enjoys the vintage quality that is not present today in very many items.


Art Deco

I adore Art Deco!  If I could find a lamp like this one, I would get it in a heartbeat.  Of course, it would probably put me into bankruptcy to get one.  The hope is I could find one in a thrift shop that wouldn't break the bank.  The sad thing is I don't have an Arts & Crafts house, nor anything like it.  I have a modern two-story house, but have plans to make it into a house with Arts & Crafts features.  Already have some furniture, though modern, is throwback to the Arts & Crafts movement.  It seems to be a popular thing these days.





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