This Is So Simon

So Simon

Love my rapid fire feature on my Canon Digital Rebel T1i!!

Simon's Story

Simon was incarcerated at the local pound at the age of six months.  He was found abandoned out in the country, alone, hungry, and cold. We picked him out in the line-up of cages, only because in spite of his condition, he was playful, and even took a swing at me when I passed his cage. He was sickly and on medication, terribly underweight at only 4 ounces  (a six month old kitten should weigh at least 6 ounces).    We brought him home, nursed him back to health with the medicines they had given us, lots of boiled chicken, and tender-loving care. He even slept on my shoulder at night to keep warm. Of course I did not get much sleep for a couple of weeks, but he gained weight and grew stronger.   At 15+ pounds, he now is truly a joy to have as part of the family.

Unfortunately, Simon passed away on May 3, 2017 from triadic organ failure.  Worst death I ever witnessed, and will never forget.  At least he is with his brother, Calvin, who he adored.  Calvin passed away August 2, 2016, ten months almost to the day before Simon. 

Calvin and Simon together

Calvin's Story










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