Red Bubblecut 1962


1962 Red Bubblecut Barbie only needed her fingernail polish replaced.


Red Bubblecut





These wonderful girls were acquired a few years ago as fixer-upper/cleaner uppers. Both Francie and Skipper are reroot candidates, as their hair has been trimmed, though not completely bad. Francie has a missing row of hair plugs at the back of her head on the bottom. Poor Skipper has a "multitude of sins" under that big velvet bow, missing hair plugs and extremely short cuts. Both Francie and Skipper had their makeup improved on, and it will wash off leaving the original makeup in place. Francie has all of her eyelashes. Barbie needed some cleaning up, and other than a little fingernail polish to be replaced, is in wonderful played with condition. Her makeup is all original. Francie's outfit is vintage, as is Barbie's dress. Barbie's dress is called "Let's Dance" #978. Poor skipper has modern clothing (Barbie's) until we can buy some vintage outfits for her as well. All in all, they are beautiful girls with a promising future.

Bubblecut, Francie, Skipper

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