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Koi Pond


Koi Pond

True, Koi Ponds do not have anything to do with collecting.  However, it is a hobby, as is collecting.  We have two Koi in a goldfish pond.  Our goldfish are mixed with Koi, so they are part Koi.  They are still considered goldfish.  We put in our Koi pond in January of 2008.  It is a 1700 gallon pond with bog side and fish side. The fish side is 3-1/2 feet deep, and the bog side is at least 18" deep.  The bog side has the plants that Koi would eat.  However, some of our babies managed to go through the system and ended up there.

We have added a shade cloth covering since this photo was taken.  Will be posting updates to this page as I get the photos taken.  Fish are fun!  They are fascinating to watch, relaxing and the water sound of the three waterfalls is soothing.


Bog side of the pond

Bog side of the pond

Fish feeding frenzy

Fish feeding frenzy

Fish looking for spring

Looking for spring

Fish pond

The netting was to keep the red tail hawks from swooping down and grabbing fish for lunch.  The netting stopped this from happening. Now we have a taller shade cloth supported on iron poles, keeping the pond clear to see the fish better.

Turtle statue in marigolds

We have a turtle statue in the pond garden.  Of course he is made of concrete.

Koi pond

Photographic possibilities are endless with a pond.

Our New Shade Cloth Structure

Pond Cover





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January 21, 2016




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