My Cats Clothes

When the fur flies, it really goes!
But the cat I love,
with a suit made like a glove,
never washes it in a tub full of suds.
And when winter comes
it's really quite handy.
There's not a zipper, no buttons, or hooks,
nothing to damper his charming good looks.
A kitten of leisure,
a cat for all time;
just give him a brushing --
calmly he purrs, "That I won't mind!"

© 1994 "The Space Between"

Sunlight And


At least I know when to leave
When to say good-bye
I know it is the last
When I can no longer cry.

Peace can come today
When the clouds go away
The sun comes out and shines
And the birds come out to play.

The hardest part is over
The new day has dawned
My reasons for living are many
Nothing more can go wrong.

It's just the same as yesterday
Many things to do this week
How can I say it's wrong
to lose whatever I seek?

Things could be better
Or they could be worse
To know what the morrow brings
Would be adverse.

I'm happy in the here and now
There's nothing more to need
My happiness comes from today
With that alone I will succeed.

© 1998 "Outstanding Poets of 1998"

Note:  These poems are published, so therefore under copyright.  All rights reserved.



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