Vintage Perfume Bottles


1940s Perfume bottle

This was my grandmother's perfume bottle.  This was made by the Jane-Art company in Elmhurst, New York in the 1940's.  These are definitely collector's items, but this one will never be for sale. 

Vanity Glassware

Vanity glassware, two of them are etched glass. Also, not positive which decade they date from - 1940s to 1950s is my guess.


Cut glass/etched glass vanity set

Here they are on a mirrored tray, looking great on my vanity.

Fenton Hobnail Opalescent Perfume Bottle


My grandmother had one of these on her dresser for as long as I can remember, along with the Jane-Art at the top.  Found this one at a thrift shop.

Although Fenton's first piece of hobnail was a Ruby Overlay lamp font made in 1935 for Lightolier, it was several years later that the company was asked to manufacture hobnail glass in larger quantities. In 1936, L.G. Wright Glass Company approached Fenton with some old hobnail molds. Heacock states in his book, Fenton Glass / The Second Twenty-Five Years, (page 44, item #246), that this Wright hobnail mold found in Indiana, PA was probably made around 1900 by The Northwood Glass Company from an old Hobbs, Brockunier & Company mold. Frank L. Fenton just happened to have a sample of this Wright bottle on his desk when Fenton's Chicago representative, Martin Simpson, stopped by Frank's office. Martin asked Frank if he could take the bottle with him and he returned with it to Chicago. It was sitting on his desk when a buyer from the Wrisley Perfume Company spied it. Apparently they were looking for new marketing tools to increase sales of their perfume. It seems that often the perfume bottle sold the perfume. 

Fenton began producing this perfume bottle for the Wrisley Company in early spring of 1938. The hobnail design (known as #289 when produced for Wrisley, for all other production including Fenton's own line it was called #389) was a huge success for Wrisley and was one of two accounts that literally saved the Fenton factory from bankruptcy.  

An unusual design of triple ring neck and bulbous body these have the glass stoppers but are missing their cork inserts and as you can see in my pictures one has more of a milky color than the other. 

In very good condition without chips, cracks or fleabites they measure 6 inches tall and 4 1/8 inches wide. 
An addition to any Dresser Vanity Tray or Fenton Art Glass Collection. 


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