My Pets



Our Monty - Dandie Dinmont Terrier-mix pound rescue

Monty groomed

Marvin sitting

Marvin the Marvelous
Our new rescue kitty August 21, 2016, and approximately 5 years old. He had ear infections, a bladder infection, and terribly undernourished. He has bounced back, and well as can be. He had been abandoned outside for a year, on his own.

sophie settled in

Sophie -Dandie Dinmont Terrier rescue, which we got December 26, 2010. Her birthday is July 10, 2010. She was six months old here, a day after she arrived.



Simon - our blue tabby pound rescue


Salsa, our Dandie Dinmont rescue on March 16, 2013. 
She has a birthday of June 26, 2010,
which makes her only a few weeks older than Sophie.


Pond With Fish

Multiple Goldfish and 2 Koi

Koi Pond 2016







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