Teresa & Barbie


Barbie & Teresa

My friends and family found out I collect Barbies, and next thing I know there is a lot of modern Barbies coming my way for gifts.  Every birthday and Christmas I get lovingly wrapped Barbies.  People do not realize that my collection consists of expensive vintage Barbies that cost  anywhere from $100 to up to a few thousand dollars these days.  I haven't the heart to tell them otherwise, though, so I continue to pack these dolls away in the hopes there will be a good non-profit organization to give these to that take toys to cheer up ailing children.  The way they are coming in that should not be too far away. 

Although there are some collectible sets and reproduction Barbies that I do collect, and sets such as the X-Files, Silkstone Barbies, etc., these are still more expensive than these two shown.  My friends and family mean well, and someday these dolls that really are not a part of my collection will go to a good cause.



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