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Buffet Sideboard

Buffet/Sideboard ca. 1920


Used lemon oil on this one. There are two pieces missing off this sideboard, which my husband will replace soon. He already fixed one of the doors, so it stays closed, and repaired a small gouge on the side trim. It appears to be made of mahogany.

Buffet Repaired

Here is the buffet repaired, the backsplash added and a finial at the bottom crossbar.



Cedar Chest

Cedar Chest - Roos Company, ca. 1920


Fortunately, my husband likes to do woodworking, and thinks he can restore both of these pieces into good to fair shape. The inside of the cedar chest is like brand new, with the original instruction paper in place, and a $50.00 warranty against moth damage. It also has the original lining in it. He says the cedar chest is solid cedar wood with a veneer of oak. It has some trimming removed because it was falling off, already. That will be replaced with new trim pieces. No key, but it's not locked, fortunately. They have seen a small amount of weather, and scratches here and there. If they cannot be sanded out, it will just add to the character. I plan on using the cedar chest for storage of my sweaters in the bedroom. My much newer Lane cedar chest will be used to store my sheet music. The buffet/sideboard will be put someplace undetermined at this time. Right now it resides in our dining room, which makes it a bit crowded, but livable for now. It will take him awhile to get these fixed up, anyway. Somebody put casters on the buffet at a later time. Not sure if they will be removed, or left. Decisions to be made as the work progresses.




Shabby Chic Roos Cedar Chest 1920

Shabby Chic Roos Cedar Chest