The right lamp in the right place is always a good thing.  My house tends to be a little darker than average, even though it has plenty of windows.  The house faces N/W and trees shade most of the windows.  To me, that's nice, but until one wants to read a book, or the newspaper, it can be a problem.  We have a wonderful modern chandelier in the dining room, but if one wants to be seated in an overstuffed chair, there is little light to be had.  I'm collecting interesting lamps, and not necesarily vintage ones.  If I do find a good vintage one, it will certainly be put to use after the wiring is checked out.  Good thing my husband knows about such things.


New Lamp

Found this is a thrift shop for $15.00. It was like brand-new, but when a light bulb was put into it, it did not work.  We brought it home, anyway.  Come to find out the reason it didn't work was because it needed a 3-way bulb, which we suspected, and bought a new bulb for it. It works perfectly.  It makes a great addition to our loft.

Dale Tiffany Lamp

This is my Dale Tiffany lamp. Sure, it modern and not vintage, but I see no difference in the ambiance the lamp makes in our bedroom.  It is a welcome piece of beauty whenever I walk into the room.  It has two pull chains for two different bulbs, so we get one light, or two lit at the same time for more lighting.  This is the way to live.  We bought this one at Penney's (or now JCP), and they are probably still available.













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