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The Head Family



Parks Alexander Thomas Head and Frances Head

Parks Alexander Thomas Head, on the right with a Bible under his arm. To the left of him, Frances Jones Head, his third wife.  To the left of her, their adopted son, Elmer Head.


Our family is descended from Parks Alexander Thomas Head (Pat), through his second wife.  People did not like his third wife, Frances, because she would get out and wrestle with her sons. It just wasn't "proper" in those days.  My how times have changed.  Parks's first wife died in childbirth, and after giving birth, knew she was dying.  Her dying words were, "Bye, bye Baby."  The baby died shortly after.

Parks and his second wife, Jane Goforth, had Marion Franklin Head, my gr. gr. grandfather.

My gr. gr. grandfather, Parks Alexander Thomas Head wrote this letter on his death-bed to his children and family: "Dear children. pain has been my constant companion for many a night and day, often the gathering shadows seemed to surround my way. Yet I pressed on, not fearing, for my Father knew the best. I've left to him the planning and on faith's pillow rest. Oh it is sweet to trust Him, knowing His love and care, meeting life's burdens bravely, since in them He shares. So on faith's pillow resting, I have now gone to sleep, for through nights and days, my Father, His children did keep. Dear children, love and serve Him until Heaven we meet."

Wow! lots of tears here!  Memory eternal.

Obituary of Parks Alexander Thomas Head



Father: William James HEAD b: 1813 in Wadesboro, Anson Co. North Carolina
Mother: Margaret (Martha) PIPKIN b: 1812 in Maury Co. Tennessee

Marriage: 1 Elizabeth MCCARTER
Married: ?? in Carroll County, AR

Marriage: 2 Jane GOFORTH
Married: ??? probably in Carroll County, AR

1. William Monroe HEAD b: 27 JUL 1879 in Carroll Co., AR
2. Jim HEAD b: 1880 or 1881 in Carroll Co., AR
3. Dora L. HEAD b: OCT 1884 in Carroll Co., AR
4. Martha A. HEAD b: 11 OCT 1874 in Carroll Co., AR
5. Marion Franklin HEAD b: 20 JAN 1878 in Carroll Co., AR
6. Mary HEAD b: JUL 1882 in Carroll Co., AR

Marriage: 3 Frances A. JONES b: 1847 in North Carolina
Married: 8 JUL 1888 in Long Creek Twp, Carroll Co. Arkansas
Census: 1920 in Long Creek Twp, Carroll Co. Arkansas

Pat and Frances had an adopted son named Elmer Head.

Elmer Ely HEAD b: FEB 1900 in Carroll Co., AR



Marion Franklin Head married Sarah Alzona Boren Head and had eight children.

The Heads

The Heads are a large family, and probably even larger of a clan than the Hoards. My grandmother (Ernest Hoard's first wife) was Leona Head Hoard. Everyone called her Mom. This seemed to happen naturally enough, and she never said anything to dissuade us grandkids from calling her this. Mom was Mom, and we will always call her that, no matter what.

Mom lived in Turlock, California, for many years, raising two girls, Ima Jean and Wanda. Ima Jean is my mother. Aunt Wanda lived in Turlock. My mother tells stories of growing up on Hawkeye Road, and the house that her father built (Ernest). She tells us girls (my sister and I) stories of how they behaved during the great Depression, how they were when they were in high school (Turlock High School - yea Bulldogs!) and some of the things their friends did. Imie and Wanda's aunt Janie came to live with them at one point. Janie is Mom's youngest sister, but only a mere four years older than my mother, and two years older than Wanda. They were more like sisters. Janie was the wild one of the group, according to my mother. But they had a lot of fun.

Janie and her family came to visit us when I was girl many times. They moved all over the United States, because her husband, my (great) uncle Jerry, was in the Marines.

My mother loves to tell about their dog, Butch, when she and Wanda were girls. There is only one picture of Butch that I can remember in my mother's album, but he was a fine looking black dog with some white spots here and there. Butch got hit by a car, which laid him up for a short while.  Apparently, he wasn't hurt too much, but he was carried around by my mother and aunt everywhere because of his injury.  Come to find out a little later, old Butch was faking it at the end, because he enjoyed being carried around.  When they found out about it, of course Butch had to get around on his own, after that.  Mother also tells about Bessie, their one lone milk cow that sometimes went wandering out on her own and getting sick on eating the wrong things. My grandfather also raised bees at this time.

Leona and Ernest divorced when my mother was about 14, a freshman in high school. This had a terrible impact on both girls, since divorce was not a very popular thing in those days. Shortly after this, World War II broke out, which continued the trauma of the divorce, plus teenage uncertainly and insecurity too. This was all natural parts of growing up, but made much more difficult in trying times.

My grandmother managed well after the divorce, she went to work, paid off the house on Palm Street, and bought a really neat retirement cottage in Aptos, California. She didn't do so badly for herself, buying a brand-new car in 1967 for her retirement, selling the Turlock house, and moving to the coastal paradise in Aptos with mountain ferns, trees, all kinds of birds and squirrels, and a garden to keep her happy in her maturing days. The only thing I remember the most about my grandmother Leona was her fried potatoes. No one could outdo her fried potatoes (or any okie cooking) on that oil-burning stove of hers at the cabin. We visited her as often as we could, but it was quite a trip over there. We went to the beach and collected all kinds of shells - this in the days when such things were plentiful there. There were all kinds of things to explore there in Aptos and Capitola. She knew all the neat places to go to, and accompanied us there on many occasions. She also had her best friend living a few cabins down the road, Cecil and her husband Jim. They also had a cool cabin, with a spiral staircase down the middle, no less.

My grandmother came from a family of eight children. My grandmother was the oldest of these, so there was Leona, Evadna, Carlos, Thelma, Golda, Finis, Fred, and Janie - in order of their birth.







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