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Cleaning Barbie's Green Ear

Barbie at Spa

This Barbie is my original one that I had as a child.  She had escaped the green ear curse because when I played with her, for some reason I kept the earrings elsewhere, and would not use them.  She was stored without earrings all these years, and her ears were pristine condition along with the rest of her.  Then I started collecting Barbies, and bought some "safe" earrings that were repros on eBay.  Well, I displayed this Barbie doll with the "safe" earrings.  It wasn't long, she developed a mild case of green ear, and I removed the earrings immediately, and threw them away.  Having had too much of a bad experience with Remove-Zit and no luck with completely eradicating this problem in other Barbies I had acquired, I did some more research.  Finally, I found a page that described using CLR for green ear removal, and it is supposed to only take a week for success.  This was done on this Barbie, and I must report it was a complete success, and I will NEVER again buy an expensive jar of Remove-Zit (Twin Pines).

I took a plastic sandwich bag, cut out one side of it, and clipped a small hole in the center.  Then I pulled this down over her face, to protect her eyes and hair.  This plastic made for a tight -fitting protector from the CLR.  I propped her head on a jar lid, which is plastic, on a dish so that if any fluid rolled off, it wouldn't not soak into her hair.  I followed the instructions and applied alcohol on Q-Tips and washed out as much green as possible on the inside of her head.  I cut the cottonballs small enough to cover her ears, and soaked it daily by dropper with CLR.  After a week, the green was gone.  There was a small, black spot inside of one of the holes, so I put CLR on the tip of a wooden toothpick, and turned it inside of the hole, and off that came, too.


CLR for cleaning greenear

This stuff is also fantastic for cleaning calcium, lime, and rust, too!

Here are the full instructions :

CLR process to clean green ear .pdf file


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