Dandie Dinmont Terriers


The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is named after the the character Dandie Dinmont, a jovial farmer in the Novel Guy Mannering by Sir Walter Scott. The character also gave his name to the breed's colors, pepper and mustard, which were adopted from the names of his dogs. The Dandie Dinmont is the only breed to be named after a character from fiction.



Our Sophie resting in the backyard, and this is her favorite pastime in the shade.  She was born July 10, 2006 and sold into a puppy mill auction in Missouri, and was rescued late in 2006.  We adopted her when she was six months old in December, 2006. We picked her up at the Sacramento Airport the day after Christmas.  Our heater had gone out in the car, and it was a freezing cold trip up and a freezing cold trip back, but we made it.  Sophie enjoys our 1/4 acre backyard immensely, with fish pond, another Dandie, and two cats.

Dirty Dandie Sophie

For more information on Dandie rescues, visit Dandie Corner, and Sophie and Monty are listed there as rescues in our rescue group.  Be sure to read the story about the rescue of 13 Dandies just this year.

Monty smiling

Monty is shown here with his smile.  Dandies have the trait of smiling, which makes it easy to see they are satisfied or happy with something.  Monty was rescued on October 8, 2002 from the local pound.  He was about 1 year old then, so we gave him the October 8, 2001 birthday both as a marking of his age, and to commemorate his adoption.  Monty is a Dandie mix, and we think he may be Dandie and Bichon Frise mixed.  That is our best guess.  Monty is soon to be nine years old next month, and he has been a delightful family member.


Monty with his favorite blankie.

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