Colored Glass


Green Glass

This is my "green collection" and I love colored glass. The dish on the left is from Habitat For Humanity thrift shop, and the vase and statue from Goodwill, and the two ceramic vases are from a church thrift shop called Maranantha. I know the vases are ceramic, and belong on the ceramics page, but sometimes they are photographed all together, and someday (perhaps) will be sorted out.


glass cat

Glass cat, and now I have three of varying shades, blue, yellow, and this one is almost perfectly clear. The vase in the background is Illinois Glass Company in an Art Deco style. I don't know if it is vintage, but my weakness for glass objects means it doesn't matter! The cat is a candle holder.


Pumpkin Glass


The pumpkin glass candy dish was quite a find at Goodwill, and the little birds were a gift from my son. The candle lamp in the background is actually for Christmas, but it's so pretty sometimes I set it out throughout the year.


Covered Candy Dish


I was at the thrift shop in Santa Rosa buying out the place (lol) and when at the check-out glanced over to the window area, and found this covered candy dish. I couldn't resist taking a couple of steps over and placing it with the rest of my purchases.  I probably paid too much, as it was set aside with other "special things" and was about $8.00.  It isn't worth anything, not vintage, not antique, but it is gorgeous to me.








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