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Porcelain Figurines

Of course, these figurines are another weakness. My grandmother had many such things all over her home when I was a girl. Guess this is where I acquired the love for them. Anyway, we were at the Hope Chest and while we were there, a girl employee was putting these out. I grabbed them up as soon as she set them down. I love these, and sure they are vintage.

Horse and Carriage Porcelain

Another great find at Maranantha. I remember these from my childhood, and it seems they were always set on a TV cabinet. I had to restring the reins, but other than that, not a thing wrong with this. The brass pitcher in the rear with the ornate design is made in India.


Jug made in Italy

This jug is made in Italy. I have gotten quite a few compliments on it. Have since added a cork for the stopper on top.

Tea for Two


Tea for Two.  I probably made a drastic mistake.  Not thinking this was worth much, there was a partial set of this design, but come to find out fairly valuable.  This Dogwood Tea (by Roselyn) for Two Set is one of my favorite finds.  The trim is gold.  Also found the amber covered candy dish in the background at the same time.   This set was incomplete in the store, so I bought the teapot and two cups and saucers from what was the partial set, and just call it, "Tea for Two."  The only consolation is these were the best of the group as far as condition.  The other pieces had been well used.  Perhaps I can find more of these in the future and have a nicer set?  That is the hope.



Johnson Brothers, England

This is an actual antique serving plate, by Johnson Brothers in England. Found it at a thrift shop, and was thrilled to find out the age of it, which was early 1900s.  It's only worth about $50.00, according to eBay, and it has gold trim.  The wear on it shows it was used a lot, and I'm sure was a part of many family holiday celebrations.

Three ducks ceramic

Three geese ceramic.  Would guess this is vintage, and it's nicely made.  Very nice addition to my "greens collection."   


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