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Seymour Mann ceramics

Blue & White China

Seymour Mann ceramics, except for the cups and saucers with small creamer. Those were a gift, and they are called eggshell porcelain made in China. All of these are vintage with the Chinese marks. The pitcher at the far right is supposed to be a chocolate pot, although one person said it was a creamer. The pitcher on the left is a chocolate pot, too. I treasure my "blue and white" vintage Chinese collection. I have more, but these are all that would fit on this cabinet shelf.

Chinese blue & white

Detail of Chinese chocolate pot/creamer.



Blue and white ceramics

These are my latest acquisitions, also vintage with the Chinese marks on the bottom.


Blue Delft Creamer Cow, made in Holland.
Always loved these since I was little.


Turnip salt and pepper

Turnip Salt and Pepper - Sometimes I cannot resist picking up the "unusual" from the thrift shops. While it is not my intention to collect salt & peppers, they just sometimes wind up in my collections, especially if they resemble fruits or vegetables!




China Cannister

Recently found this China cannister at a thrift store.  It is very nice, and definitely vintage with the Chinese mark on the bottom.  If anything says "Made in China" on the bottom, it's modern.  I have found a few nice ceramic things that are modern and made in China, but I'm mainly looking for the Chinese mark that shows a vintage item.



Ginger Jar

Ginger Jar - not high quality, but I've always wanted a Ginger Jar! I'll keep looking for a better one, of course. In the meanwhile, I have this one. Definitely hand-painted, and that has to mean something.


Miniature tea set


Miniature Tea Set - I've had this for decades, and don't know where it came from. But it is really cute and worthy of this collection.


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