Blonde Ponytail #4/5


Blonde Ponytail

Blonde Ponytail Barbie

This is a repaired Ponytail Barbie that is a transitional between #4 and #5, meaning she has some characteristics of both.  She had horrible green ear which I removed.  Her head at the back split open, and she had a split where her neck knob inserted into her head.  I repaired everything.  This probably does not make her very valuable, but she's a great one to me. She was my first repair.  Her ponytail was cut by the cherub who owned her first, but with the way her ponytail curls around it isn't very noticeable.   There are play marks on her body, but they are slight.  She is early enough that she has the shiny face and smells of crayons, but I wipe her face with a soft cloth or kleenex and that keeps the shine off of her face for a while.  She is in an original dress called "Apple Print Sheath"  #917 that shows like brand-new.


Ponytail Barbie





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