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Arts & Crafts is one of my favorite styles.

Art Deco is another of my favorites, and to tell the truth, if I could have an Arts & Crafts style house, would I fill it with Arts & Crafts, or Art Deco, or both?  On the other hand, would I have the nerve to keep it other than Arts & Crafts?

At the moment, I am buying, as needed, replacement furniture that is 1930's style.  It seems to be something that the furniture stores are willing to stock.  There are also Arts & Crafts furniture, which I love, and this delights me to no end.  Must buy as much as possible before the furniture stores change their minds, and start stocking "modern" styles, with I loathe most of the time.

1930s overstuffed chair

Our brand-new 1930's style overstuffed chair.  Beautiful!

Next, I would LOVE to get rid of the awful blue carpet (it is wearing like iron--placed there in 1999, still looks like new), and replace our flooring with probably wood floors, if not, tile with a large Persian rug.


What the chair is really used for


Of course it has come down to the new chair is really for the cats. How could I possibly think it would be for us or our guests?


Dale Tiffany Lamp

Dale Tiffany Lamp



1920ish Buffet/Sideboard Spanish Revival period of California.  Two pieces are replaced, and cleanup needs to be done on the legs and bracing, yet.  This is a huge improvement from when we first got it, however. I use lemon oil only to clean the wood.  It is made of mahogany.









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