My Collecting Philosophy


Much of the time, I live in the past. Not my past, but the past eras before I was born.  I love collectibles, vintage and antique kind, and have an assortment of items  from each decade. 

Shopping for collectibles is so much fun.  When finding that tremendous, unexpected treasure means a whole lot to me. 

White Ginger Barbie

I started out on eBay, and when I was first on the Internet.  Now I'm going to Good Will and yard sales or estate sales to find my treasures.  A good hands-on approach before buying is so much more appealing to me.  It is true eBay went sour on me when they started to eliminate people who dealt with vintage and antique items.  It seems the CEOs of eBay wish the sellers would only sell brand-new things, and warranty them forever.  I outgrew the need for that.

It all started with my Barbie doll collection, and then circle pins.  Before all of this I collected rocks as a child, with help by my grandfather. 







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